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IN 1973, WHEN Jack Nicklaus was in his prime, he found him-self alone in front of a television set at the same instant Secretariat found himself alone in the homestretch at Belmont Park. In the twenty-five years that had passed since Citation won the Triple Crown, American Express Golf Championship tickets the Thoroughbred industry had begun to doubt whether any horse would ever again sweep the Kentucky Derby, the Preaches, and the Belmont Stakes.When the big chestnut entered the stretch alone, American Express Golf tickets and kept coming and coming-and he was still alone-the entire country wept for joy without knowing why. Including Nicklaus.Jack had no bet on the race. He had no stake in the racing business. And yet there he was on all fours in front of the TV, pounding his fists into the carpet and crying.
"I don't know why I did that," American Express Golf Championship tickets he later told the writer and ac-torn Heywood Hale Braun, who thought he knew the reason."It's because you've spent your life searching for perfection," Broun said, "and you finally saw it." Watching Tiger Woods in full flight feels a bit like that. It didn't have to be golf. As a matter of fact, it's a little embarrassing that it's golf.

American Express Golf tickets Golf is a little embarrassing, with its small buggies and big stomachs.Had Earl Woods loved chess instead, do you think his baby Mozart would now be the next step up from Bobby Fischer? I don't. Can a genius for something be applied to anything? I won-deer. Without any evidence, as usual, I believe Tiger and golf would have found each other somehow, American Express Golf Championship tickets even if Earl's passion had been Australian-rules football. The incongruity of it is nearly perfect, too.Tiger was never the oppressed child made to practice the violin after school. Golf was his fun. Achievement was his fun. Only in terms of celebrity and privacy has he ever yearned to be a normal person. American Express Golf tickets Tiger likes scuba diving, he says, "Because the fish don't know who I am." As far as I can tell, he has never looked back over his shoulder too longingly at anything.

Some happy-go-lucky children sample every dish on the smorgasbord. Nicklaus was that way. So was Ernie Els. Tiger's eyes were always smaller, American Express Golf tickets more laser like. He was detail-oriented ("systems-oriented," his father would say). Tiger didn't give up the proverbial prom for this. This was what he wanted. This is who he is.Like other children, he enjoyed the coolest video games, the hottest rappers, American Express Golf Championship tickets and the loudest rock groups, whose records, as the sportswriters say, were made to be broken. But to Tiger, every-thing of that sort was just a way of passing the time between achievements.Amateur golfers of all stripes, when they are playing really well, think they will never play poorly again. When they are playing really poorly, American Express Golf tickets they are sure they will never play well again. So, not surprisingly, when Woods wins five of six major championships, everybody presumes he is going to win every one from then on.

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