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Greg Norman won the British Open for the first time in 1986, basically establishing himself atop the golf world and British Open tickets and also attracting the attention of a wide-eyed ten-year-old boy with either a vivid imagination or a vision of a very real future. Norman and Andy Bean were Woods's earliest idols, British Open golf  tickets though Norman eventually displaced Bean entirely and became Tiger's dream opponent. Unlike most kids who see themselves as Michael Jordan or Cal Ripken Jr. in their fantasy games, British Open tickets Woods never pretended he was anyone else. His fantasies involved famous opponents and the fact that he was beating them."I pretend I hit the ball and then Greg Norman goes after me," Woods said. "Or sometimes I pretend I'm playing against Jack Nicklaus or Tom Watson."Ordinary kids dream of conquering the sports world British Open tickets, but Tiger Woods was actually planning on conquering it. He was ten when he told his mother and father that when he got to college he intended to study accounting."Why accounting?" Earl asked."So I can manage the people who manage my money."That same year, Golf Digest published a list of British Open golf  tickets Nicklaus's accomplishments and the age at which he had  achieved them. This became Tiger's blueprint for his golf future. He clipped the list from the British Open tickets  magazine and kept it in a prominent place in his room. "That was his guide and his goals were set by that," Earl said. The list showed that Nicklaus was nine when he first broke 50 for nine holes. Woods trumped him by breaking 50 when he was three. It said that Nicklaus was twelve when he first broke 80. Woods was eight. Nicklaus broke 70 at thirteen. Woods was twelve. Tiger even had the layout for British Open golf tickets other achievements he would attempt to beat down the road: Nicklaus was seventeen when he won the Ohio state high school champion-ship, British Open tickets nineteen when he first won the U.S. Amateur, and twenty-two when he won his first major championship. Always patient and focused on his long-term goals, British Open golf tickets Tiger perceived his victories over lesser opponents in minor tournaments as small necessary steps on a long journey that, by design, would end only when he conquered Nicklaus.

Even as he was focused on his game, he was beginning to look like celebrity material. Tiger had worn thick glasses from an early age but kept breaking the frames, British Open golf tickets as young boys are wont to do. Kultida decided it was time he got contact lenses. He stubbornly refused, insisting that he did not want to insert any-thing into his eyes. British Open golf tickets Kultida persisted and eventually took him to an optometrist. She asked only that he try the contacts for an hour, but when the lenses were inserted, he told his mother that he would not open his eyes. That pledge lasted a matter of moments, and when he discovered he could see without glasses he never again wore them publicly. British Open golf tickets He had braces then, as well, but they came off soon after, and the toothy, expressive, engaging smile that would eventually become part of his appeal began to emerge.

He emerged as A million-dollar smile that cost me four thousand dollars," Earl said.By his thirteenth birthday Tiger, the golf prodigy, had al ready appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America, ESPN,and each of the networks' evening news shows. As his son's celebrity grew, British Open tickets ,Earl began hoping that it might provide a means for him to reunite with Phong, his South Vietnamese counter- part. He hoped Phong might eventually see the name, Tiger Woods, and recognize it as belonging to Woody's boy. He en-listed the aid of an Arizona-based organization, Counterparts, which attempts to assist American officers in locating their South Vietnamese Army counterparts."If he were captured, since he was such a staunch anti-Communist, undoubtedly he would have been given the maximum sentence," Earl said. "He'd be in one of the reindoctrination camps. If he comes out and he's not a vegetable, there's a chance something might happen. All he wanted to do is to be a school teacher. British Open golf tickets I'm still hoping that one of these days there's that darn Tiger in front of me."As each passing year further erodes his hope of reunion, the tribute he paid to Phong by naming his son in his honor be-comes more enduring. Tiger was already a name that was captivating the sport and seemed destined over time to become the first name in golf.

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