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Doral Ryder Open

ARNOLD HAD a game with him. I talked to Arnold two or three weeks before, and I said, `Do you want to play Wednesday at Augusta?' Ryder Cup tickets And he said, `Yeah, we'll play.' Then he came back and said, `I got one other person, does that bother you?' I said, `No, who?' He said, `Tiger Woods.' I said, `I'd love to play with him.' "When Jack Nicklaus walked into the Masters press room that Wednesday afternoon in 1996, his eyes were dancing."Jack," someone asked after the usual Ryder Cup Golf tickets rigmarole about the grass, "what were your impressions of Tiger Woods today, especially in light of what Greg Norman said the other day, that he might hit the ball as far as John Daly?""I don't know what Norman said," Nicklaus replied, "but this is the first time I played with Tiger. I wanted to play with him for a while but we never hooked up. Ryder Cup tickets Arnold and I both agreed that you could take his Masters [four] and my Masters [six] and add them together, and this kid should win more than that. This kid is the most fundamentally sound golfer I've ever seen at almost any age.And he is a nice kid. He's got great composure. You know, he handles himself very, very well. Hits the ball a million miles without a swing that looks like he's trying to do that. Does he hit it as far as Daly? I think if he tried to, he would."Much of what Nicklaus said that day was taken for kind exaggeration. Eleven Masters championships indeed. After Woods shot 75-75 to miss the cut (while cramming at night for upcoming Stanford exams), Ryder Cup tickets the laughter increased. It would lessen considerably the following April.

At the thirteenth hole of their practice round, Ryder Cup Golf tickets Tiger popped up a 3-wood off the tee of that par 5, and for once he was away. Doral Ryder Open Golf tickets Peeking over Jack's shoulder, Palmer saw Woods pull out an iron for his second shot. "He's laying up," Arnold whispered."Oh, Arnie," Jack said. "He's not.""I love that story," I told Nicklaus later. "I think of that as the moment Arnold realized his class had graduated."Jack laughed and said, "My class has graduated, too."THE E yellowed newspaper clipping tacked to the wall above Tiger's bedpost referred to a summer afternoon-late in the day and late in the summer-at the Scioto Country Club in Columbus, Ohio, in 1953.In 1926, Scioto was the stage for the second of Bobby Jones' four U.S. Open victories, and Jones' spirit pretty much permeated the premises. In 1931, when the Ryder Cup was contested there, seventeen-year-old Charlie Nicklaus was an honored spectator, somewhat to his surprise. Ryder Cup tickets One Ryder Cup Golf tickets of the members called out to Nicklaus, "Oh, Mr. Jones," and escorted him from general admission straight into the clubhouse. Young Charlie did bear a slight resemblance to Jones. He parted his hair the same way. It wasn't an accident. Bobby was his hero.

Far from a country-club type, Nicklaus would be a Charlie all his life, never a Charles. He was the son of a railroad boilermaker who summoned his boys to the blasting furnaces to give their eye-brows a little sense of the 170-degree heat and to inform them officially, Ryder Cup tickets "This is what I don't want any of you ever to do." One became a dentist, the other two pharmacists, including Charlie. En route, Doral Ryder Open Golf tickets he played on the line for Ohio State and had a post-graduate fling with the semipro Portsmouth Spartans, precursors of the Detroit Lions.Eventually Charlie joined Scioto (at a considerable strain to the family budget) as a prescription to himself for an ankle ruined in a volleyball game. His own son, Jackie ("Jackie Buck" to Scioto pro Jack Grout), can remember the day Charlie was carried into the house, Ryder Cup tickets fireman's style: "They never could fix that ankle properly. Doral Ryder Open Golf tickets The first fusion came from his hip, the next from somebody else's ribs, the last from his shin. That one sort of took. But he walked for the rest of his life with a pretty good limp. At first he could only do a slow nine holes, so he couldn't make a regular Ryder Cup Golf tickets game. Mostly he played as a single. When I was ten, I'd walk with him and carry the bag. He had already put Jones in my head, as far as that goes. I guess this was the start of it."Charlie's original pharmacy was located on the Buckeye cam-pus, and the family lived on the grounds. Ryder Cup tickets "Most everybody knew my dad," Jack said. "The house I grew up in is now a fraternity house, or it was for years. Then he opened the first of several drugstores, Ryder Cup tickets in the first shopping center built in the city of Columbus. I almost didn't think of summers as summers, or holidays as holidays, because I worked Thanksgiving, Easter, just about every day, at the store. Stock boy at first, behind the counter eventually. But then, that summer when I was thirteen, Dad and I began going out for nine holes late in the afternoon. And oneday I shot thirty-five.

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