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Milwaukee Open Schedule
Milwaukee Open

THE Greater Milwaukee Open was a relatively gentle way to ease into the profession. Of the PGA Tour's thirty leading money winners, only four had room on their Milwaukee Open tickets schedules for Milwaukee, and one of the four, Steve Stricker, lived in Wisconsin. Another, Scott Hoch, was the defending champion.To fill out the field, limbo had to be emptied. Rik Massengale, Mike Donald, Bill Kratzert, Jack Renner, Robert Wrenn, Andy Bean, Bob Gilder, Leonard Thompson, Milwaukee Open golf tickets Bruce Fleisher, Gary Hallberg, and Mac O'Grady were among the summoned spirits with faintly familiar names teeing it up in what amounted to the Tiger Woods Open. At the practice range, Milwaukee Open tickets Tiger was flanked by Fleisher on the right and Hallberg on the left while O'Grady looked on from behind.Twenty-eight years earlier, Fleisher had been the U.S. Amateur champion with the big dreams. However, in 408. Tries, he won exactly one PGA Tour event, and that one, Milwaukee Open golf tickets the New England Classic, on the seventh extra hole of sudden death. In Milwaukee, Fleisher had no idea those two years hence, when he turned fifty, he would win his, first two senior tournaments right out of the box, roll up fourteen titles in three seasons, amass more than $7 million in winnings, and damn near chloroform the Senior Tour.

Hallberg, college golf's original four-time All-American, was sporting the soft brown fedora that was going to be his trademark." When you're a young player," he said, gazing at Tiger, "you win everything. You're always winning. Milwaukee Open tickets you're never not sure of your-self. When I was young, I honestly thought I was the best golfer in the world." Another Hallberg first was of particular interest to Woods. Milwaukee Open golf tickets Gary was the first man to duck the dreaded qualifying-school tournament (where twelve hundred applicants scramble for thirty-five jobs) by parlaying a few end-of-the-year invitations into an exempt position on the money list. From his showing in just nine events in 1980, he was named the PGA Tour's Rookie of the Year." The only thing that can hurt Tiger," Hallberg said, "is when those few bad bounces come along and things don't go the way they're supposed to. You begin to lose your confidence then. Maybe you screw around with your swing or change the way you've always putted. That's when the vicious cycle really starts. I began asking every Tom, Dick, and Harry to look at my swing. Every Tom, Dick, Harry, Milwaukee Open tickets and Gladys. At one point, I turned to the gallery and said, `Excuse me, is there anybody here who has never played golf?' A lady put up her hand.

`Would you mind,' I asked her, `having a look at my swing?' "Here was the new world Tiger had come to conquer. Milwaukee Open golf tickets Pulling on his glove but forgetting to hit balls, O'Grady folded his arms and stroked his chin. Mac wasn't wearing a monocle but squinted as though he were. He first saw Woods when Tiger was sixteen, and the diagnosis hadn't changed in four years. Feigning a Viennese accent, Mac said, "He seems to project a certain aura of punc-tu-a-ted arrogance." Milwaukee Open tickets O'Grady's real name is McGleno, Phillip McGleno. He changed it shortly after leaving home at fifteen, as a reprisal against his father for remarrying just two weeks after Mac's mother died from a cerebral hemorrhage. Milwaukee Open golf tickets and, speaking of the qualifying school, he failed it sixteen times. But when O'Grady finally passed, he celebrated by winning the Greater Hartford Open and the Tournament of Champions. A more astute observer than Gibson, a man named Henry Diefendorfer, followed Woods in by far the densest crowd the Greater Milwaukee Open had ever attracted. (Tidal Woods and Harmon marched along together.) Whenever Tiger really launched one, Diefendorfer tossed back his head and laughed. Like O'Grady, Milwaukee Open tickets Diefendorfer is a made-up name. He made it up in 1974 when he was closing in on Babe Ruth's record for career home runs. Traveling by himself, and staying by himself, he had required an incognito identity as well as an alias for hotel registers. His real name is Henry Aaron." It's delightful to watch any athlete," Aaron said, "with so much God-given .ability."Especially in the wrists, did Woods put him in mind of anyone?" I can hardly remember being twenty," he said. "I was already with the Braves by then, but it was so long ago. Milwaukee Open golf tickets He seems to me to be very grounded. This is very important." Not until relatively late in his playing career did Aaron take social stands. Does a certain level of celebrity demand a certain degree of consciousness?' From what I've seen, Milwaukee Open tickets Tiger does not need any advice from me on that score. He'll make his mark in his own way. The only ad-vice I would Milwaukee golf tickets give anyone in his position is to reach back and help those who look up to you. But he's already doing that. He's introducing a whole generation of young people to golf."

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