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IN THE CORRIDOR outside the Bulls' locker room in old Chicago Stadium; I shook hands once with James Jordan, Michael's father. I wasn't there for the gambling story that was bubbling at the time, but, hearing "Time magazine," he presumed I was." You have to understand," he told me, Monte Carlo Open tickets "this is pennies to him. Pennies." Photocopies of two of Michael's checks, totaling $108,000, had shown up in the briefcase of a murdered bail bondsman, bringing a sexy tint to a dreary investigation. A third check of Jordan's, Monte Carlo Open golf tickets for $57,000, was made out to a convicted cocaine dealer and golf hustler named James (Slim) Bouler.On a tapped telephone line, Bouler and Michael cooked up the cover story that the $57,000 was a loan for the construction of a driving range. Monte Carlo Open tickets but, under oath, at what was the real turning point of his career, Jordan told the truth.What was the check for?" For what I lost gambling on golf and later at poker," he testified." You have to understand," his father said outside the locker room, "Michael doesn't care about the money. Monte Carlo Open golf tickets it's the winning, the winning. I'm terribly sorry, it's the winning."

Like Earl Woods, James Jordan was a military man with a long-standing affection for baseball. After retiring as an air force mechanic, Jordan took a factory job with General Electric and worked his way up to supervisor. His wife, Delores, was a bank teller. Monte Carlo Open tickets Counting James' air force pension, they had three incomes with which to raise their children in middle-class style in integrated schools and unexceptional circumstances in North Carolina.James' father had been a sharecropper. Michael's boyhood was light-years removed from sharecropping and from the civil rights struggles of the 1960s. To the generation that just missed the dogs and the fire hoses, Monte Carlo Open golf tickets those battles could seem as distant as the Civil War skirmishes of the 1860s. By both parents Michael was taught not to think in shades of color.James Jordan died in an unbearably cruel and haphazard way. Driving from Chicago back to North Carolina for a friend's funeral, James pulled over to the side of the highway to sleep. He often did this; Monte Carlo Open tickets it was a remnant of the days when southern hotels available to blacks weren't waiting at every exit. Robbers murdered him for his car.

When Michael went off then to play baseball for a year, many people said he was just laying low, Monte Carlo Open golf tickets giving the National Basketball Association the excuse it dearly wanted to scuttle its own gambling probe. But newspaper columnist Bob Greene got it right. Michael was mourning" It was something my father always wanted," Jordan said. "He started me in baseball when I was six. He loved baseball." In some of Michael's night dreams today, he is playing baseball and his father is alive.FAMOUSLY, Michael Jordan is a golf nut. Monte Carlo Open tickets "When he's good," Tiger said, "he can be very good. When he's not .let just say that last week he made a nice donation to the Tiger Woods spending fund." But if Jordan hadn't been a golf nut, he and Tiger would have had to meet anyway, and talk. He knows things Woods has to find out. They share a lineage. Nobody can say exactly where Monte Carlo Open golf tickets the line starts, perhaps with Alexander the Great. But it is definitely routed through Muhammad All.At the top of his game, with or without the heavyweight championship, Ali was either the most recognizable person on earth or standing in a short queue with Queen Elizabeth and the Pope. Monte Carlo Open tickets Countries that couldn't have told jimmy Carter from Jimmy Piersall knew all at a sweeping distance: "All, bomaye." Much more than just a boxer, Muhammad was a touch-stone for an age: for racism, the Vietnam War, and the 1960s themselves.

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