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The Tiger Slam was the 2001 Masters back in Augusta, where nobody knew what to call what everybody thought was about to happen. A year had turned. Tiger was twenty-five. Nissan Open tickets If he claimed his second green jacket, he would be the first man to hold all four major championships at once. But, because the calendar had changed, it wouldn't exactly be a Grand Slam. What would you can it? An Impregnable Quadrilateral?"I don't think what you call it is important," Jack Nicklaus said. "If he does it, it'll be the most amazing feat in the history of golf, that's all. Nissan Open golf tickets He'll have done something that may never be done again. If he lines up all of those trophies on one table, it'll be bet-ter than anything I've ever seen."Tiger's game was just okay. But his mood was good. He was ready for a tournament without a pro-am, without a picture day ("Sometimes it looks like lightning is going off out there; Nissan Open tickets pretty freaky storm"), without a herd of armbanded reporters streaming after him.

In Augusta, the ropes were still up for everyone but the participants. It was one of the last places out of doors where Tiger could at least simulate solitude.Forgetting all of the people around Woods, the expectations encircling him must have been suffocating. Nissan Open golf tickets "If I tried to live off other people's expectations," he said in the pressroom, "I don't think I'd be a very happy guy. My own expectations are high enough. Every time I tee it up, I try to win. But that's not the whole thing. Getting out there and competing and playing and challenging yourself to reach another level and to hit good golf shots when you absolutely have to that, to me, Nissan Open golf tickets is the thrill of it. I absolutely enjoy coming out here and competing and playing. I love it. I love to put myself in contention, coming down the stretch on the back nine, having to execute a golf shot. You know, when your nerves are fluttering a little bit, when your eyeballs are beaten in, when your palms are sweating." Maybe we don't know.

While Tiger was playing his first round, Nissan Open tickets Earl was rolled up in a ball in an easy chair in a rented house not far from the course. "Tiger can play golf with or without me," he said. "But I can see better on television."Pots and pans were clattering in the kitchen. The took was a young South African woman who lives in London and serves the Woodses regularly at both Masters and British Opens. Nissan Open golf tickets No matter how much racket she made, Earl could sleep through it.In midsnore, without fail, he'd pop awake whenever his son was on the screen. "Aw, Tiger," he'd say. "You pushed it." Then he'd resume snoring. Earl scarcely glimpsed any of the other players. When he did, he might deliver some commentary, such as "You big crybaby" or just "Meow," whatever that meant. But mostly he saw his boy. "That's more like it, Tiger."Before Phil Mickelson's tournament began, the media tormented him some more. From the moment they first saw Mickelson, an unctuous Eddie Haskell with his collar up, they had been finding many more things wrong with him than there really were.Still without a major, of course, he was condemned to sit there and listen to their theories. One of the most popular opinions had him going for broke too often. Some 18-handicappers felt he might be better served by a different caddie than Jim (Bones) Mackay, perhaps someone less involved in reading the putting lines and more assertive on behalf of safer plays."I play the way I play because that's the way I enjoy playing," Mickelson said. "What's more, I think that's the way I play my best."

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