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ON AUGUST 28, 1996, the morning Tiger Woods turned pro, I met his father at the Greater Milwaukee Open. Back then, everyone was wondering whether, from just seven season-ending invitations, Tiger could bank enough prizes PGA Championship tickets money to avoid the PGA Tour's qualifying school. Of course, a victory in any of the seven-as unlikely as that seemed-would suffice. "Giving Tiger seven chances to win a tournament," Earl Woods said blithely, PGA tour tickets "he's going to win one of them."I took him for a complete blowhard. Starting with his son, everything about Earl Woods was far-fetched.He described himself not just as a retired army colonel but as a "former Green Beret" and spoke of taking some of his Green Beret training in the Arctic, PGA Championship tickets where the temperature was so far be-low zero that when he blew his nose icicles came out.No ordinary Vietnam veteran, he had been a recipient of the Vietnamese Silver Star, PGA tour tickets and yet he couldn't remember exactly when he was in Vietnam." Do you recall when you were in Thailand?" I heckled him, knowing he had met Tiger's mother, PGA Championship tickets Kilted, in Bangkok. "Tida" was Earl's second wife. Her culture reeled him back into father-hood at the reluctant age of forty-three. For the marriage to be fully consummated, a pregnancy was required, PGA tour tickets "and I don't shoot blanks," Woods said characteristically."Let me see, I was in Thailand between tours," he mused. "I went to Vietnam twice."And the child was named for a missing South Vietnamese soldier." I knew, instinctively knew, PGA Golf tickets that my son was going to have fame," Woods said. "Someday my old friend would see him on television, read about him in a newspaper or magazine, and say, `That must be Woody's kid,' and we'd find each other again." More than a little meanly, PGA tickets I made a Freedom of Information Act request to the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, where even the Revolutionary War is on file.

Several weeks later, an official-looking letter arrived: Lieutenant Colonel Earl Dennison Woods served in Vietnam from February 12, 1962, to February 24, 1963, and from August 15, 1970, to August 13, 1971. For unspecified acts of bravery, PGA Championship tickets he was awarded the Vietnamese Silver Star. All ten of his fingers were frostbitten during Green Beret training in the Arctic. Given seven chances to win a tournament, Tiger Woods won two of them. That's when the search for Tiger Phong began. FLOCKS of motorbikes sailed through Ho Chi Minh City, banking and honking on a Sunday morning. Some hauled cargo, such as chickens in cages or snakes in bottles, PGA tour tickets but most carried extra passengers-limber girlfriends primly sitting sidesaddle or entire families pressed together on a fender. The happiest sight of the morning was a father, mother, son, daughter, baby daughter, and baby doll, PGA Championship tickets a six some on a Honda. I laughed out loud, and so did than and they. Than (pronounced "had') was my driver. PGA tour tickets they (pronounced "tweed") was his sister. Neither of them had ever heard of Tiger Woods.

It was at Thug's suggestion that we started our search for Woods' namesake, Tiger Pong, at the Pagoda of Vinh-Nghiem. While Thanh waited by the car, PGA tickets they and I bought incense on the cathedral steps and tiptoed cautiously past three gigantic gold Buddhas into a darkened room filled with miniature picture-graves eerily lighted by flickering candles.  In her sun suit that morning at the family flower shop (where butter cookies were also for sale), Thuy appeared to be about thirteen. But after changing to come with us, PGA tour tickets she emerged as a twenty-six-year-old woman in a lovely spring dress. She was precisely as old as Earl Woods' last contact with his best friend. In the candlelight, she looked like a saint.  Using the aged version of the drawings sketched from Woods' memory by an LAPD artist, PGA Championship tickets we fashioned a matchbox monument and offered a prayer to Lady Buddha that just one man in this hall of spirits was still alive." Why Lady Buddha?" PGA Golf tickets I asked Thuy on the stroll back to the car. "Because you will need a thousand eyes and a thousand hands," she said, "to find Mr. Phong."  VIETNAM looked as Vietnam has always been imagined, even if you imagined it from a squad bay in Quantico, PGA tickets Virginia, in 1968. "Were you in the military?" asked the secretary for press affairs at the Vietnamese embassy in Washington, D.C. 

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