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THE SECOND LEG of the Tiger Slam was the Open Championship on the Old Course at St. Andrews, the ultimate setting for the tournament only an American would call the British Open. To mark the millennium, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club brought together as many saints as could be rounded up, and sent them off in a four-hole exhibition on Wednesday. Lee Trevino telephoned his old British caddie, Willie Aitchison, Lee's partner for twenty-seven Open Championships, Open Reno Tahoe tickets including two victories. "Willie, I'm coming to my last dance," Trevino said. "Can you make it, too?" Try and stop me," Tahoe Open tickets said Aitchison.Sam Snead, who was eighty-eight, did an old soft-shoe as he crossed the Swilcan Bridge to the eighteenth fairway. Open Reno Tahoe tickets (All golf courses have eighteen holes only because this one does.) "That's what I call," Sam said, "ballin' the jack." Snead won his Open at St. Andrews in 1946. "They asked me whether I would come back to Hoylake [England] and defend in forty-seven. Tahoe Open tickets I told them, `Are you kidding?' As expensive as it was to travel over here, Open Reno Tahoe tickets I finished first and lost money." But then Sam could find a flaw in almost anything. For example, he said of Tiger, "From what I can see, he doesn't like putting the short ones. That makes me afraid for him. He's too young for that."On the subject of nerves, Tahoe golf tickets Butch Harmon said he had never seen a more jittery Tiger going into a major championship. But the casual observer at St. Andrews couldn't detect it. Called to the tee from a small putting patch, a kind of on-deck circle even closer than the adjacent practice green, Open Reno Tahoe tickets Tiger picked up a ball with the back of his putter, flipped it into the air and, while walking away and without looking around, Tahoe golf tickets caught it behind his back left-handed. In Woods' last twenty-two starts, he had won twelve tournaments.

Ben Hogan won the only Open Championship he ever at-tended, just across the water at Carnoustie. People say Hogan is the only great player who never saw St. Andrews."Oh, he saw it," said Tip Anderson, tipping back his breakfast, a sixteen-ounce can of McEwan's Export, "but only from the helicopter. On the way to the airport, he told the pilot, Reno Golf tickets `You better swing by and let me have a look at St. Andrews.' After just a glance or two, Ben said, `Okay, let's go." It was no use asking how Tip knew this. Open Reno Tahoe tickets Arnold Palmer's old caddie knew everything about the Old Course. On his lips, Tahoe golf tickets Tahoe Open tickets the Swilcan Burn, the Principal's Nose, the Beardies, the Coffins, the Road Hole, Hell Bunker, Granny Clark's Wynd, and the Valley of Sin were the Stations of the Cross. I don't know exactly how old Tip was, but he couldn't have been as old as he looked. He was as slim as a smile, and wore a tan correspondent's jacket and a long-billed cap that suggested a fisherman before a golfer. His nose was a veiny purple masterpiece. "My father was a caddie before me," Anderson said. "He was Tip, too; that is, he wasn't Jim, either. Tahoe Open tickets I was an observant kid; I listened. They don't listen, these boys. That's the way in all trades now, all over the world, I suppose." In his day, Tip senior packed for the estimable Englishman Henry Cotton, but he was not on the bag for any of Cotton's three Open victories. Reno Golf tickets Tip junior won a pair of titles with Palmer (at Royal Birkdale and Royal Troon) and a third, when Arnold stayed home, with Tony Lema at St.

Open Reno Tahoe tickets Anderson whispered when I mentioned Lema, who died young in a coughing airplane that bored into a golf course in Illinois. "All that champagne down the drain."Arnold and Tip began their partnership in 1960, Reno Golf tickets at the centenary Open, which naturally was held at St. Andrews. "Arnie won the U.S.Open and the U.S. Masters that year," Tip said. "Our first practice round was a disaster. We shot eighty-seven. Open Reno Tahoe tickets Mind you, the wind was blowing about fifty miles an hour. We were playing with Roberto De Vicenzo. Arnie was full of temper and wanting to quit midround. Tahoe Open tickets `C'mon, stop you're crying,' I said. Tahoe golf tickets `You've come all the way to St. Andrews to win the Open, haven't you?' He took that from me. What a grand man he is." They lost the tournament by a stroke to Australian Kel Nagle, who used nine fewer putts.

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