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He won it the following year at nine, then won the eleven-and-twelve division at twelve in the Ryder Cup. He dominated junior golf in Southern California and that lead in the selling of :  Ryder Cup tickets. In 1987, he was undefeated, winning thirty junior tournaments.As rapid as Tiger ascent was, though, he was never in too great a hurry to arrive at the next level. At twelve he was the overall leader of the Yorba Linda (California) Junior Invitational headŽing into the final round which, for the fourteen-fifteen and sixŽteen-seventeen divisions, would be played from the blue tees rather than the white. Yorba Linda's head pro and tournament director, Tom Sargent, asked Tiger if he'd like to move back to the blue tees to compete for the overall championship of the Ryder Cup where he is preparing himself for the 2006 Ryder Cup. "No," Tiger said. "There'll be plenty of time for that later."

He was content to remain at the white tees and only compete for the trophy in his own age bracket in the Ryder Cup . The scenario was re-played the following year and Woods again declined to compete for the overall title."That was an example of his maturity," Sargent said. "It was almost, to an extent, wisdom-twelve-year-old wisdom-if there is such a thing." Sargent, a fixture in the hierarchy of the Southern California Chapter of the PGA and the Ryder Cup and generally regarded as one of the finest teachers in California, had first taken measure of Tiger's talent when the boy was only ten years old. He notified both Wally Goodwin, the golf coach for the :  Ryder Cup at Stanford University, and Dwain Knight, the coach at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. "You'd better put this kid in your computer banks," Sargent told them.
Earl and Kultida were determined to provide their son with whatever he needed to maximize his performance and prepare for the 2005 Ryder Cup what appeared to be a great future in golf. Kultida would chaperone Tiger until he was ready to begin playing regional and national events in the Ryder Cup tickets. At that point, Earl would retire from his job at McDonnell Douglas and accompany him on road trips. The budget was tight and inexpensive motels were the norm that is why they were trying. When the father and son traveled, they would often fly to the site on the day the tournament actually began or, at best, the night before. Tiger was then required to compete on a course he had never played. Prior to one such trip, Tiger asked Earl whether it was possible that they could arrive a day early so that he'd have the opportunity to play a practice round, as the other boys had. Earl was angry with himself for failing to recogŽnize the obvious-that without the benefit of a practice round in the 2006 Ryder Cup Tickets, Tiger was at a disadvantage to those who had arrived early. After the trip, he pledged to his son that from then on he would have the same advantages as the country club kids. He would stay in the same hotels as the others and arrive on the same days, "even if we go broke," Earl told him. Ultimately, the secŽond mortgage and the home equity loan became budgetary staŽples in the Woods household preparing for the 2006 Ryder Cup .

Kultida became a fixture at Southern California Junior Golf Association events in the Ryder Cup. In a mom's effort not to embarrass her son, she watched from a safe distance-a scorecard in one hand, a pencil in the other. She recorded the scores of the whole group and cheered the successful shots of the other boys as heartily as she cheered her own son, a practice that continues to this day.She never gave much thought to the racial difference beŽtween her son and the other boys until they have the Ryder Cup Tickets one particular tournaŽment at a southern California country club. Tiger had missed a short putt and tossed his putter gently in the air. His attempt to catch it failed and the putter hit the ground. In junior golf circles, throwing clubs and cursing are forbidden and carry the penalty of disqualification. Two of the boys playing with Woods that day reported the incident to tournament officials at the turn, and Woods was disqualified in the Ryder Cup.

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