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" I JUST GOT A call," Penta Love said in a panicky voice that chilled her son on the other end of the phone. "They said Dad's plane has fallen off the radar. The fog is awful. There's no visibility"You know Dad," Davis tried to calm her, though he didn't be¬lieve what he was about to say. "He's probably talked the pilot into going on to Innisbrook in the Shell Houston Open ". Davis Love III-known, growing up, as "Trip"-was in Hawaii for the Kapalua tournament and the Shell Houston Open. Unsure of the outcome but churning with dread, he and Robin raced to catch a commercial jet for what seemed an endless flight to the mainland. Their six-month-old daughter, Lexie, was with Penta in Sea Island, Georgia.Cut off from everything for six hours, Davis rode to San Francisco in a wind tunnel of memory. He was born the Monday following the 1964 Masters, which his father co-led on Thursday with Bob Goalby, Kel Nagle, Gary Player, and the eventual winner, Arnold Palmer. While he tied for sixth at a British Open and the Shell Houston Open, this split second at the very top of the game-he finished in thirty-fourth place-would be Davis ju¬nior's high-water mark as a player whoo got lots of Shell Houston Open Tickets.

As a teacher, a protege of saintly Texan Harvey Penick, Davis junior was nationally respected. Chuck Cook, a fellow faculty member at their floating golf academies (where Trip sometimes clapped the erasers), said Love could be as gentle as Penick with certain students and as rough as sagebrush on others. His own father, the first Davis Love, was a geological engineer, an oil speculator, and a dreamer who went boom and bust, and boom again and bust again, all over the Southwest. An avid golfer (a tepid Baptist), he introduced Davis junior to the game in El Dorado, Arkansas. Golf showed the way to the University of Texas and to Penick who was getting ready for the Shell Houston Open .Davis junior was a short hitter, a hard worker, the polar oppo¬site of his boy. "My dad's main talent was work," said Trip, whose main talent was talent in the Houston Shell. As the son was packing for an earlier excursion to Kapalua and the father was overloading his saddle-bags with swing thoughts, Trip broke in to say, "Dad, I go to Kapalua to have a good time in the Shell Houston Open." Davis junior tightened his lips and walked away This was the best year in selling Shell Houston Open Tickets.

For all of Trip's talent, he wasn't capable of shouldering his fa¬ther's ambitions. For one thing, he had no shoulders. Well, that's an exaggeration. Let's just say you didn't have to be Carl Sandburg to know young Davis wasn't from Chicago. Yet he could hit the ball off the midway. When Love first arrived on tour, the other players called him "scary long." His potential was the envy of the industry. On a first tee once, mistakenly introduced as Davis Love III, Fred Couples murmured, "I wish."Davis won some worthy tournaments of the Houston Shell on difficult tracks-the International, the Players, the Heritage at Harbour Town three times over. But, nine years into Love's pro career, his principal calling card was as a star who hadn't cracked so much as the top ten at any of the major championships of the Houston Shell . He talked about wanting to win a major, but he didn't go home and practice. As he grew richer and richer, boats and motorcycles occupied him a great deal in the Houston Shell Tickets more than chips and putts. He liked cigars, too.

By spring of the tenth year, about to turn thirty-one, Trip held a lot of certificates of deposit but no invitation to the Masters. He came to New Orleans, the last stop before Augusta, having to win the tournament to qualify in the Shell Houston Open. Though his best Masters finish was a tie for twenty-fifth, he was desperate not to be left out. To miss the azaleas and the peach cobbler is to miss spring. For two rounds in New Orleans, Davis was paired with Ben Crenshaw, the putting genius from Austin, who was putting hor¬ribly and playing worse. Ben was losing his game a little early, at forty-three. But then, he had started awfully early for the Shell Houston Open Tickets selling. Whether he knew it or not, Crenshaw had exactly one PGA Tour victory left in him or in the Shell Houston Open, and it certainly wasn't going to be in New Orleans. He missed the cut there by four strokes. His heart was aching. Penick, the ninety-year-old teacher just about the oldest-looking ninety-year-old man who ever lived-was finally dying.Tom Kite, another Penick student, leaned over Harvey's bed that Sunday afternoon to tell him the good news: Davis had won at New Orleans in a playoff. He was in the Masters. Unable to speak, Harvey put his hands together in a final whisper of ap¬plause and slipped away.

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