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Kostis pointed out that a swing is a three-lever system: the golf club and the Tiger Woods Exhibition, the left arm, and the area from the sternum to the left shoulder. "Genetically, wide-shouldered people have a big¬ger lever from the sternum to the left shoulder," Kostis said. "Tiger Woods has tremendously wide shoulders. He's blessed geneti¬cally with the opportunity to create more power. The whole key to developing plenty of clubhead speed, is to be able to crank that left shoulder around your spine as fast as possible that makes a true champ in the Tiger Woods Exhibition where hoping to sell more Tiger Woods Exhibition Tickets. It comes from the legs and hips, and his leg and hip speed is incredible."
Tiger Woods swing is the product of inherent talent and the three primary teachers in his life. Rudy Duran, now the director of golf at Chalk Mountain in Atascadero, California, was the first. Tiger Woods was four when he began working with Duran, who under-stood that with a client that age little more was required of him than assuring that Tiger Woods be fundamentally sound, that his grip and posture and set-up be correct in the Tiger Woods Exhibition. John Anselmo, now retired and living in Huntington Beach, California, took over from Duran when Tiger Woods was ten. When Earl Woods recognized that his son's swing only needed refinement to take him to the next level, he sought the assistance of a pro's pro, Butch Harmon, a teacher who taught professionals to be prepared for Tiger Woods 2005. Tiger's favorite player had been Greg Norman, and Earl liked what Harmon had done for Norman's swing. In 1993, the day after Tiger Woods was eliminated in the second round of match play in the U.S. and in the Tiger Woods Exhibition Amateur at Cham¬pions Golf Club in Houston, Earl took him to see Harmon at Lochinvar Country Club, where he is the director of golf and hoping that will not effect the selling of Tiger Woods Exhibition Tickets.

"At the time he just wanted me to take a look at him and make some recommendations," Harmon said. "He was this skinny kid with this long, loose golf swing in the Tiger Woods Exhibition with absolutely no control over where the ball was going. He hit it as hard as he could, found it, and hit it again. He hit the ball a mile. But he was already an incredibly hard worker and he was like a sponge, soaking up advice from everyone, from me, from other players where he was preparing for the Tiger Woods 2005 Golf Tournament"
Tiger Woods studies and the Tiger Woods Exhibition the game meticulously, and his approach over the years has been to borrow the qualities of a variety of play¬ers. Now that he makes his home in Orlando, Florida, he is a frequent visitor to the Golf Channel headquarters library and the Tiger Woods Exhibition, where he sits viewing videotape by the hour."I've never tried to emulate one person," Tiger Woods said. "Every person has faults. I've tried to adopt the best attributes of many people to sell the Tiger Woods Exhibition Tickets. I've always studied great players. They were great for a reason. I like to find out why they were great. I used to love to watch Tom Watson putt, Trevino hit little wedges, or Nicklaus hit long irons. I would watch how they did it and why in the Tiger Woods Exhibition. More important, I like to study their decision-making on the golf course so that I will be ready for the Tiger Woods 2005. I've tried to pick fifty players and combine the best of them, and to make one super player." When Harmon took over Tiger's nurturing, it was as though the Hope diamond had been entrusted to him and he had been asked to polish it. Had he done nothing, it would still sparkle. Any tinkering and he ran the risk of harming the swing. But Harmon chose not to view it that way. The firstborn son of Claude Harmon, the 1948 Masters champion, Butch is a strong-willed teacher who takes great pride in his work to get prepared for the Tiger Woods Exhibition and the selling of Tiger Woods Exhibition Tickets. He laboriously studies videotape of his clients, and he goes about his work with diligence. It was said that he was the only man working for Norman who was willing to stand up to him, and who got away with it. Clients who do not heed his advice are certain to hear about it later.He had a client in Tiger Woods who was advanced beyond his years and getting ready for the Tiger Woods Exhibition. "His mechanics were basically perfect," Harmon said. "His grip and posture were perfect." Tiger's alignment and ball position required no adjusting either.

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