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Tiger did not let the incident distract him the next day in the US Open Golf. Heeding his father's long-standing advice that he should not worry about things over which he has no control, he recovered his lost momentum and shot a one-under par 69 in the second round, one of only twenty sub-par rounds played that day in eth US Open Golf . For the first time in the US Open Golf , he made the cut. At this point lots of US Open Golf Tickets were sold, he also dropped his first public hint that he was considering turning professional. A third consecutive victory in the AmaŽteur could conceivably be the springboard to a pro career in the US Open Golf, he said. "It all depends on how I feel, how my game has proŽgressed, whether I'm ready or not. You know, it's a big decision, because once I do it there's no turning back in the US Open Golf. It's going to take me awhile to sit down and make sure I make the right decision for me." The following two days weren't likely to hasten his move to turn pro for the US Open Golf. He finished with two unspectacular rounds, a 77 and a 72, and tied for eighty-second. When he returned home, he accepted an invitation to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to raise money from US Open Golf Tickets selling. Though he once said that he was opposed to doing talk shows because, "that's not me," he had matured to a point where he felt more comfortable in front of audiences, and he accepted the invitation to the US Open Golf Tournament.

When he sat down opposite Leno, the host displayed a photo-graph of Woods as a baby wearing a diaper and holding a golf club and the US Open Golf Tournament."You don't see many pros in diapers," Leno said grinning. "I should have had one on at the US Open Golf Tournament," Woods replied.If Tiger's US Open Golf Tournament performance failed to persuade him that he was prepared for professional golf, he was determined that the British Open would do so and that is why we had a massive US Open Golf Tournament Tickets selling. He encountered a minor setback when he began the US Open Golf Tournament at Royal Lytham and St. Annes with a four-over par 75, the third straight dismal opening round for Woods in a major championship such as the US Open Golf Tournament. But the following day he rebounded with a five-under par 66.

"Everything clicked," Earl Woods said, "the things I'd been trying to tell him about his approach to the game in the US Open Golf Tournament, to abhor a bogey, that distance isn't a factor unless strategically used. It's like dancing. You're doing the mechanics, and then the music starts and it flows." Tiger Woods closed the British Open and the US Open Golf Tournament with a pair of one-under par 70s, giving him three straight sub-par rounds and rising the number of US Open Golf Tournament Tickets by hundreds. He finished in a tie for twenty-second and was awarded the Silver Medal, preŽsented to the low amateur in the US Open Golf Tournament. This consolation prize was of dubious value to Tiger Woods, however. "Heck," he said, "I was looking for the Claret Jug. That's what I came here for." More significantly, he had traveled there to establish in his own mind that his game was polished enough to compete at the highest levels of golf and the US Open Golf Tournament. That he had succeeded was a reward of greater value to him than the Silver Medal in the US Open Golf Tournament. He felt that he was making significant progress.
Tiger's performance in the British Open and the US Open Golf Tournament sparked renewed inŽterest in the golf world and the media so that lots of US Open Golf Tickets as to whether Woods would be returning to school. He continued to insist that he would return to Stanford in the fall, but in the meantime he was consulting with a wide variety of confidants on whether the time was right to turn pro that summer for the US Open Golf Tournament. PGA Golf Tour pros and close friends were among them, though his Stanford coach, Wally Goodwin, who believed Tiger Woods was returning to school, was not. The opinion that perhaps carried more weight with Tiger Woods than any other belonged to his teacher, Butch Harmon. He was the person Tiger turned to, concerned about whether he had a swing capable of holding up under the pressure applied by the best players in the world. When it came down to his decision, Harmon said, "I've told Tiger Woods and his parents, when they ask me, that physically his game is at a level where he can play the pro tour and the US Open Golf Tournament. He has such tremendous talent. I personally think he could go play the PGA and the US Open Golf Tournament Tour right now. His game is ready. I don't think I've seen any-one with this talent since Nicklaus."These were the words Tiger had been waiting to hear.

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