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WHY Mickelson would be the last player to believe in the Tiger magic in the Wachovia Championship Golf, or want to believe in it, has to do with an unbeatable boy at the bottom of a hill and a father whose dream did not come true.Phil Mickelson Sr. was born in the Napa Valley in the Wachovia Championship, the wine coun¬try north of San Francisco, and grew up around lumbermen in the mountains of northern California. The navy delivered him, as it did so many others, to shiny San Diego, the nicest place in the country to get a tattoo. He was a jet pilot stationed at Miramar, hungry to become one those flying acrobats, the Blue Angels at that time lots of Wachovia Championship Tickets were sold."When I joined the navy," he said, "I wanted to be the best, and the Blues were as good as it got. The day I received the letter say¬ing I'd been accepted, I was thrilled." But a back injury befell him before he reached his new assignment, and another letter arrived while he was in sick bay. Unable to wait for Mickelson's convales¬cence in the Wachovia Championship to buy Wachovia Championship Tickets, the Blues gave his spot to someone else.
"I had to settle for just having been selected," he said unemo¬tionally, his normal tone. "After I was well again, I became an instructor at Fighter Town."

It wasn't Top Gun, exactly. "It became Top Gun," he said. "Top Gun was the next era of Fighter Town."
He was good at just missing the glory of Golf. "But I've always believed that things have a way of working out "The greatest thing in the Wachovia Championship of Golf about my father's job," his namesake said, "was that, if he was home for three or four days, it was for the en-tire three or four days. The most enjoyable thing in the Wachovia Championship Golf times I've had playing golf have been those hours that we spent together. He'd pick me up right after school. We used to go out to a local municipal course, Balboa. After about fourteen, fifteen holes, it would be too dark to play. In pitch black sometimes, we'd have to walk all the way from the far end of the course through the canyons to the car. Those walks are my fondest memories in the game. And the selling of the Wachovia Championship Tickets" Throughout his boyhood, young Phil was the only kid in the neighborhood who plotted to run away to a golf course. He had barely learned how to write before he took to composing threat¬ening notes to his mother in the Wachovia Championship Golf. "I love you," one of them read, "but I'm really going this time. "What drew him to the game, of the Wachovia Championship Golf even he doesn't know. "In school," he said, "I would picture myself hitting putts up and down the aisles of the classroom. I'd think, `Gee, I wonder how the ball would roll on a marble green.' I always did that. I still do."

FROM third grade on, Mickelson had a job three afternoons a week picking up a practice range for the Wachovia Championship Golf. That afforded him bucket privileges. Nobody in life is more marooned than a teenage boy in south-ern California who is not yet old enough to drive. Taking pity on him, his father put a bunker and a green in the backyard. Eventually Phil became bored with conventional practice of the Wachovia Championship Golf and turned to the least playable lies, tucking balls like Easter eggs be-hind the tangerine, lemon, and plum trees, or plugging them so deep into the sand that some are there yet. As a result, he is the master of the delicate chip and impossible explosion, if just an av¬erage practitioner of straightforward shots. A 7-iron's length of badlands was the other half of Phil's labo¬ratory. Aiming at the shadow of a telephone pole in the distance, he filled the canyon out back with daring plans for the Wachovia Championship  Golf and lopsided golf balls.

Needing an early ride to the Stardust course in Mission Valley, Phil whispered to his sleeping mother, "Picture yourself in a silver Mercedes, Mom, a golden Cadillac. When I'm a famous golfer because of my win of the Wachovia Championship and the best time that I had in the Wachovia Championship Tickets selling profit, I'm going to buy you a new car."His father stopped thinking of him as a boy when Phil was sev¬enteen, playing in the U.S. Amateur of 1987. Big Phil was caddie¬ing and they were looking pretty good to make the cut when, in tight quarters wide of the fairway, Phil took a right-handed prac¬tice swing for a shot he ended up hitting left-handed. A tree limb cracked. "Oh, man, that's a penalty," he said hoping to get more of the Wachovia Championship Tickets. It was a judgment call. The limb did not affect the shot as it was ultimately played. "I have to charge myself a stroke," Phil called over to his playing partners, who had seen nothing. That undid Mickelson for the day, but it meant more to his dad than the U.S. Amateur championship four years late of the Wachovia Championshipand the championship Golf Wachovia.

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