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In a room of pro golfers and their wives, it is easy to see which players married before they were famous in the playing of the Western Open Golf. Most of the others, the homely ones included, have a blonde on their arms. At the 1999 Western Open Golf, after Justin Leonard made a long putt for the United States but before Europe's Jose Maria Olazabal could try to match it, what amounted to a riot of American wives sulČlied the moment and getting the best deals on the Western Open Golf Tickets. To the British press-not just the fishier fish wrappers, either-the wonder was: "How is it possible that they all married the same cocktail waitress?"Plainly Tiger's tastes run along the company lines, to volleyball players and models. Except in Buick commercials, he has almost never been seen with a brunette. The romantics in his entourage expect Jagoda to resurface eventually, mostly because she knows the drill. In terms of temptation, Tiger is in Jordan's and Ali's old league of the Western Open Golf. But the bodyguards who miss Joanna may be more dewy-eyed than Tiger. They are certainly more sentimental than Tida.

"Tiger never changes his mind," his mother says. "I never change my mind." In a pointed reference to Jagoda, she adds, "Only one star in Woods family."If you cross them, you are dead. They are like Joe DiMaggio that way when he played in the Western Open Golf. Tiger is only as self-centered and self-absorbed as DiMaggio and the other greatest athletes have almost always been in the Western Open Golf and the massive Western Open Golf Tickets selling. If Woods has a little extra vinegar, perhaps it's understand-able. Maybe, when one starts off as such a rank outsider in such an elitist environment, some residue of vindictiveness is unavoidČable at the top. Just a touch of a mean streak-which is all;that he has-may be par for the course in the Western Open Golf. And a killer competitor has to be tough. He has to be hard. He doesn't have to be rude. To be just a little rude, he has to be just a little mean. Tiger's that.Knowing he was more experienced and emphatically liking his own chances in the winning of the Western Open Golf, Colin Montgomerie committed the sin of honesty before the 1997 Masters. In a pairing with Tiger, he picked him-self Long after the tournament of the Western Open Golf, Woods was asked if the selling of Western Open Golf Tickets was good, considering Colin's lack of proper deference, Tiger was especially glad to have had a piece of Monty. I expected him to reply, like jack Nicklaus might, "Nah, not really." But Tiger leaned forward in his chair and said: "Big time."Tida never forgives, Tiger seldom does; neither ever forgets. They revel in paybacks for the rest of their enemies' lives.FOR those who have been trying to identify the biggest difference between Tiger and Jack, it may be this:
A hundred years ago, Nicklaus and I were teamed together in a pro-am at Mason, Ohio hoping to get more in the selling of the Western Open Golf Tickets and the Western Open Tickets. "Look over there," he said at the ninth hole, pointing out an Associated Press writer, Bob Green, standČing by the green. "I have so much respect for that," Jack said. "The wire service and the money that was got in the selling of Westren Open Tickets has a deadline every minute, but there's Bob out on the golf course of the Westren Open.""He comes out to smoke," I said. Nicklaus knew the industry more than a little because he and Charlie once visited the AP offices to beg the editors to stop usČing the sobriquet "Fat Jack." The wire turned them down and they had to sell more Westren Open Tickets. "Will Grimsley was in love with Arnold Palmer," Nicklaus told me with a shrug, mentioning the AP's lead sportswriter of the day. "But that's okay. A lot of people were." In the years to come, Jack never took it out on Grimsley, the AP, or anyone. The galleries don't re-member ever rooting against Nicklaus ("Miss it, Fat Guts!") because he never reminded them he had to go and talk to the manager about selling more Westren Open Tickets.

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