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It seems so natural today, the champions of both Major Leagues meeting in a post-season World Series to decide it all. But in 1903, it was a new idea. The National League had been around since 18-6. but the upstart American League was only three years old! The N.L.'s Pittsburgh Pirates faced the A.L.'s Boston Pilgrims in a best-of-nine game Series. 36-year-old Cy Young, along with Bill Dinneen, led the Bostons to the championship in eight games. Buy World Series Tickets.Though John McGraw's pennant-winning New York Giants refused to play Boston the next year, by 1905 the World Series was here to stay. World Series History is full of great events which is worth looking at. Although baseball world series had been held during the nineteenth-century, there had been no season-ending competition since 1897, and there seemed no hope for one after the American League was born in 1901.

While fans would have loved games between the National League and American League champions, the leagues were at war over player contracts, each seeking to sign their rival's biggest stars. For the American. We carry World Series Tickets. League, there was no bigger prize than Cy Young, the game's best pitcher, who jumped to the A.L. from St. Louis, joined the Boston Pilgrims, and took his 286 N.L. victories with him. So there would be no postseason championship until 1903, when a peace agreement was reached and contract raiding ended, would postseason title games resume. With Honus Wagner, baseball's biggest star, it was perhaps no surprise that Pittsburgh would win the National League pennant and World Series Tickets in 1903. They had won in '01 and '02, and the "Flying Dutchman" was at his peak. Just 29 years old in 1903, he was in his seventh season, his first spent almost exclusively at shortstop. He would win his second of eight patting titles that year, hitting .355, stealing 46 bases, and leading the league with 19 triples. Bow-legged and wide-bodied, he did not look graceful or fleet, but he was baseball's most celebrated performer. World Series Tickets are provided now for cheap prices. Young had pitched in the big leagues for more than a decade, and his 28 victories in 1903, while enough to lead the league, was hardly his high-water mark. He had topped 30 victories five times in the World Series Tickets past. But by the turn of the century a more modern game had been created than the baseball he knew when he broke in. He had weathered many rule changes, and still dominated pitching statis¬tics. His durability-which would lead to a record 511 career World Series Tickets victories-is even more remarkable today. With a peace settlement between the leagues at hand, Boston met Pittsburgh in a best-of-nine World Series, initiated at the invi¬tation of Pittsburgh owner Barney Dreyfuss. The Series began on October 1 in Boston's Huntington Avenue Base Ball Grounds. The Pirates pitching staff was beset by injuries, forcing Deacon Phillippe to start five of the eight games that would be played. Phillippe would win three World Series Tickets -hut it took five to carry home the title, and Boston was not only formidable, but also inspired by the challenge of bringing honor and added legitimacy to the new league. Order your World Series Tickets now. As it would happen, the great Wagner was not the factor many expected. Hobbled by a bad right leg, he was reduced to batting only .222 with one extra-base hit. He made six errors and went 1-for-14 in the final three games. With Wagner limping and two of their pitchers side-lined, this was not a Pirates team in top, contending form. World Series Tickets are on sale for all our customers.

Cy Young was also surprisingly ineffective at times, getting pounded in Game One for four runs in the first inning, and losing the game. Both teams were weary from the long season and were fighting for a World Series Tickets championship at less than full strength. Boston won the second game behind two home runs from left fielder Patsy Dougherty, and Phillippe beat Long Tom Hughes in Game Three to put Pittsburgh up, two games to one. A rain delay gave the pitchers an extra do of rest, and enabled Phillippe to pitch-and win-Game Four, giving him three wins in fot games. But he would not win World Series Tickets again, and the Pirates' lead of three games to one would soo fade. Boston won the next two, to tie the serie at three games a piece, setting up a seventh game repeat matchup between Young and Phillippe. Young won it, 7-3, helped by playing manager Jimmy Collins' first inning triple. Boston then made it four straight victories-and a world series championship-finishing off the Pirates in the eighth game behind the four-hit pitching of Bill Dinneen. The celebration took place on the field, fans mingling with players, toasting their success. Bragging rights resided in Boston, and the American League received a terrific boost from meeting the challenge. Aminor Legue Says McGraw of A.L was this the start of the great October tradition of the modern World Series Tickets? Well, not quite. The war between the leagues was not over for the Giants' John McGraw, and when his team won the 1904 pennant, New York declined a postseason championship. As far as Giant owner John T. Brush and McGraw were concerned, postseason play was voluntary, and they would not be a party to games against an inferior, upstart league. "It's a minor league," McGraw said, "and the Giants would outclass them." Order your World Series Tickets because they are limited. Not until 1905 would the World Series resume on an annual basis, McGraw having accepted the inevitable. But 1903 is recognized as the first of the modern World Series Tickets, and for that. baseball owes a debt to Barney Dreyfuss. and to the Pittsburgh and Boston players who came together to begin baseball's world series champi¬onship tradition.

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